Riding the Miami Wave - Brickell Bikes

Riding the Miami Wave

By: Black Sheep Cycling

We recently took a creative round trip through the Florida Keys and back to Brickell to inspire a collection fit for Miami's finest. Robbie Zamora, owner of Brickell Bikes, approached the INK team to create a collection for his bespoke bike store in Brickell, Miami. We echoed his vision through modern patterning and sleek colourways. Drawing inspiration from the supercar filled highways and avenues that streak across Miami, and the laid back lifestyle of living in luxurious apartments alongside the sea. This is island-style living in the big city.

'We typically try to beat the sunrise and pedal out of Brickell towards our destination. Before that though... la pinta always has to be on point. For those wondering, “La Pinta” is Spanish slang for well dressed.'

Robbie Zamora


From INK Customer to Authorized Dealer

INK is about building a connection with customers to create a collection which goes deeper than visual appeal. For Brickell Bikes, that meant getting an intimate knowledge of their operations and what it meant to be a cyclist out of Brickell Bikes. Subsequently, Robbie has joined our family as an Authorized Dealer, and we look forward to many more stories to come out of Miami, FL.

Images: Nelson Queralta Jr