Black Sheep Cycling MR Collection 2022

Black Sheep Cycling MR Collection 2022


Our Man Ride Collection this year is a very special collaboration with artist Maxime Manga. Designed to make a noise for men's mental health. A collection where digging deeper, reading between the lines, pulling back the curtain is rewarded.
Four eye-catching jersey designs for Men and Women. Plus limited-edition casuals.


Maxime Manga, a Cameroonian based graphic artist has worked with some of the biggest names on the planet, from Adidas to Adobe to The Academy. It’s little wonder why, his compelling afro-futuristic collaged portraits demand your attention. And encourage you to look closer and dig deeper to appreciate their true beauty and meaning; each piece, paired with a powerful self reflection or affirmation.
With mental health coursing through the very DNA of his work, we knew straight away he would be the perfect artist to collaborate on and bring his unique style to our latest Man Ride collection.


“To share your weaknesses is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength...”

This year's collection is about Showing your Strength and showing the world your true self. The vulnerable, fragile, imperfect self.  Built around an abstract, multi-layered piece of art designed to be provocative, disruptive, attention grabbing. And importantly for Man Ride. A conversation starter.


In our first seven years Man Ride has raised awareness and driven the conversation on men’s mental health. Each year the stakes have gotten higher. With every successive year, our Man Ride cause has grown. Embraced and powered by the passion and belief of our community. It’s message resonating deeply and profoundly. Join us as we seek to continue to make a bigger noise and bigger impact for men’s mental health. 

MR Collection Jerseys. 
Built on Essentials TEAM Jersey. 

Soft hand feel and sun protective.

Built for summer riding. to be worn between 20-30+ deg

130gsm lightweight knit with soft hand feel - Light Astroid (86% polyester and 14% Nylon) throughout body and OpenCell Mesh (94% Polyester / 6% Elastane) underarm to enhance breathability in a high sweat area.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Race Fit. Crafted for Performance. Expect a tight fit to ensure aerodynamics on the bike. Women’s style is slightly more contoured through the chest and waist for a flattering fit.

MAB Trims and Details Updated branding on sleeve and waist hem.

Unique MR. Collection jersey prints created by artist Maxime Manga. Featuring 4 distinct designs for Men and Women.